Realtor & Landlord Services

Realtor & Landlord Services

Today’s busy realtor frequently lacks the time and resources to provide maintenance or move-out services to their customers. Majordomo Property Services provides a wide range of services to your clients, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your profession.

Home Watch Services to Keep Your Client’s Home Safe and in Good Condition

Meeting homeowner’s insurance obligations when the home is vacant – homeowners who are looking to sell or rent a property must still comply with insurance requirements even if the property is vacant. Majordomo may assist your customer in meeting these standards.

Making sure the house is ready for a showing – Majordomo can ensure that a house is in tip-top shape ahead of a showing in order to maximise the home’s value.

Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Solutions

Majordomo can carry away rubbish and debris, giving landlords and realtors one less thing to worry about while preparing a home for rental or sale.

Clean-up after move-out – If a property is left in less-than-desirable state, we may come in and undertake a thorough cleaning to improve its attractiveness.

Repairs and handyman work – Majordomo can perform repairs and maintenance work, as well as coordinate and supervise more extensive renovations, to maintain the property in pristine condition.


Majordomo Property Services