Handyman, Restoration & Renovation Services

Handyman, Restoration, Drafting & Renovation Services

Handyman Work, Restoration or Renovations – No Job is Too Big or Small

Majordomo has the resources to fix any problem your house may have, whether it’s a trickling tap or extensive restoration work after an unfortunate event.

Identifying and correcting problems before they become major – By doing thorough house checks, problems may be identified and corrected early on, before they become major, costly problems.

Professional catastrophe restoration – sadly, your property may experience damage from a storm, flood, or burst pipe; Majordomo Property Services can oversee the restoration of your home so you don’t have to return to deal with the aftermath.

Renovations that improve beauty or functionality – Custom renovations by Majordomo could enhance the look or modernity of your property both inside and out.

Renovation Services

Finding the correct contractor for your project may be a difficult task. Majordomo’s contractors are competent, dependable, and deliver high-quality services.  You may anticipate great results if the project is completed in your absence.

Assisting contractors in remaining on schedule – Unfortunately, contractors may occasionally take advantage of an absentee homeowner and spend more time or undertake work than is necessary. Majordomo Property Services may assist contractors in staying on time by making regular visits and reporting back to the homeowner.

Live video conferencing for your project – for a more in-depth look at your project Majordomo can remotely connect you to the property via video conference, allowing you to inspect the work and ask questions in real time.


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