Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Managing Time-Consuming Tasks So You Don’t Have To

In today’s hectic world, it appears you have less and less time to unwind and appreciate your hard work.
Majordomo Property Services can manage your day-to-day responsibilities in your absence or while you
are in Bigwhite or Kelowna, allowing you to focus on your favourite activities.

Grocery and Other Shopping

Rather than stopping at the store after a lengthy journey, customers appreciate arriving home to a
stocked fridge and home with all of their preferred requests.Subtrades supervision and management

To save you time by scheduling and managing service appointments – Cable, utility, and speciality
repairs are notoriously time-consuming services that Majordomo Property Services can coordinate and

Shipping/Receiving Packages on Your Behalf

If you want something delivered to your residence or a nearby store, Majordomo is there to facilitate that


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