Hot Tub or Spa Maintenance Services

International Majordomo CorporationYour spa hot tub has given you hours of fun, relaxation, and relief from muscle pain.

As a condo, chalet, cabins, home, or recreational resort and property owner in Kelowna or Big White you want to keep your hot tub in healthy and perfect working order by scheduling regular service visits and maintenance.

Have you ever had a hot tub emergency?

When you call us, help is on the way in record time!

All this and you save money, too!

With our customized Hot Tub maintenance packages we can ensure that your Hot Tub is always in perfect working order with the right diagnoses, treatment, and cures for your hot tub&rsquop;s ailments!!!!

To ensure that your hot tub is in great working order we:

  • Test—We test the water chemistry and check out the equipment operation to make sure all is running properly
  • Sanitize—We balance the chemicals & retest to ensure safe use of the spa
  • Check water levels—If water levels are low we add the required amount for the proper operation of the spa
  • Track maintenance and repair
    • keep all records of your spa’s condition
    • take note of the condition of unit and report if anything is wrong
    • organize the maintenance and repair of hot tubs for our clients

For a customized quote please contact:

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